B I O v2

Selfies make me cringe. Hey, look! It's my big, dumb head in front of something worth taking a photo of! But, people love them. A bio's just a word selfie. I'm not narcissistic enough to enjoy writing about myself. And I'm not cruel enough to ever ask someone else to do it.

Maybe I'll just say, "F IT!" and slap up a photo of me, dressed as a gladiator, riding a horse into battle. That would explain my entire ideology on illustration in a single selfie.

Or, maybe I'll take the time to put together the bio of all bios! It'll be a yarn ball of wit . . . a  minefield of humor . . . a boutique of insightful quotes like, "Sketchbooks are toy boxes for ideas."

Either way, you'll get the picture.

To be continued.